Many natural disasters acound the world are letting alarmbells ring. Now more than ever!
Global warming is noticable everywhere and we are causing it. Human emissions of greenhouse gases. Time for a change!

Robin Koning

Robin Koning

09 augustus 2021

CO2 emissions are enormous, the sea level is rising and the limit of 1,5 degrees temperature rise will be reached in 10 years. Such rapid growth has not accurred in the last two thousand years. Alarming numbers were recently released in the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report by the United Nations. The report shows that it's still scientifically possible to limit global warming to 1.5°C. If we act now we can still prevent the worst.

Nature has been giving us many signals for some time now by various natural disasters and extreme temperature fluctuations. It's clear that we must take drastic measures for our future. The report shows that humans are responsible for global warming. Sea levels have risen rapidly over the past century and is accelerating. If greenhous gas emissions don't drop quickly, sea levels will rise by 0.44 to 0.76 mtrs in 2100. Worst case scenario, our sea level even rises by 0.63 to 1.01 mtrs.

Drastic and large-scale measures are needed!
The IPCC report serves as a guideline for a global climate policy.
You can reed the entire report here.