During the development of our packaging we use the 5 R's : redesign, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle.
We always remain critical, because packaging must add value. When it's not, the 6th R is applied "refuse".


Our way of Rethink, because there's often more to it than just thinking differently. Unfortunately, we still see too much packaging entering our world with a lack of urgency to contribute to a circular economy. With our circular mindset, we are able to give your packaging a sustainable refreshment and also restructure the production processes and distribution.


Where possible we use less plastic in our packaging. Without compromising on the user friendliness, functionality or quality. A light weight packaging not only uses less raw material, but also has lower CO2 emissions during transport. Doing so, we reduce our ecological footprint together. Less is more! Developing a dosing system in which we focus on the use of concentrate is another good example of reducing. We use a variation of angles to accomplish reduction.


We touch the heart of circularity when we talk about reuse. We aim for packaging where as few extra processes are required to acchieve someting new or lasting. Partly the reason why refill packaging is growing and has gained considerable momentum. The success of these concepts depends on the right chain cooperation and the life cycle (LCA) of a packaging. We are fans!


When we can no longer use a packaging for the same purpose (reuse), we are often still able to reuse components for a different purpose. In order to be able to do this properly we take various aspects into account in our product development. Such as the application of monomaterial and colors that do well in the recycling process. We are able to make the right choises within additives such as labels en sleeves play, which we think are mostely overlooked. We care about the course of life of your packaging, even after use!


Plastic is not waste, but a valuable raw material! Which deserves a second life and for that reason we think recycling is extremly important. We therefore strive for a good recyclability of packaging, where it's our duty to make this part easier for the consumer. A circular economy is a closed system in which sustainable production and use of products is followed up by recycling. In the end recycling plastic is more sustainable than extracting and producing raw materials.

Curious how we see your packaging from a circularity point of view?

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